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Workshop – Taxation Digital Economy

12. 2. 2021
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Workshop – Taxation Digital Economy

Workshop at the European Parliament on the topic Taxation Digital Economy.

The European parliament organized a workshop last week on the topic Taxation Digital Economy related to INI report Digital taxation: OECD negotiations, tax residency of digital companies and a possible European Digital Tax. Martin Hlaváček is co-rappourter together with Andreas Schwab from EPP on this report.

The workshop offered presentations from experts in the field. Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owens introduced main challenges of taxation digital economy and he also summirized the international digital tax system which is being negotiated in OECD this year. Prof. Dr. Anne Van de Vijver talked about open and dynamic approach to fair taxation in the EU. Eli Hadzhieva introduced the current state of play in EU and Mr. David Mojarona closed the workshop with a presentatio about digital service act in Italy. The recording of the workshop is available here: